A Visit to Fortress of Testicular Fortitude

I met up with Shaun and along with Dennis, Shaun was kind to invite us for a visit to his Fortress. Wow! A visit to a die-hard Toy collector home! How cool can that get right? After reading so much of his 12 inch toy collections, I finally get to see them LIVE in person!!

When I enter the toy display room, I was overwhelmed. The first thing that capture my eyes was the Batmobil. Man it was huge!!! How huge? I asked Dennis to pose beside it for a comparison.

You can really tell Shaun is a fan of Superman. He collect all different sizes of the toys.

There it was, the Dark Knight 12 inch figures.

I am only interested in Joker and two face tho. Does that make me a Villain?

Here are some other toys at Shaun's DC shelves. You hear me right. He had different name for different shelves. How hardcore is that?

One top on some of the shelves, I found Transformers and Starwars.

Then there was the prefect grade Gundams!

At one corner with Street fighters and wrestling figures were the Dragonball figures from Bandai in the 90s. Really bring back some memories.

He even have the 12 inch Dragonball Goku!!

And over at one end of the toy room, I found these

Some of them were MISB while some are empty boxes, I can't really tell the differences. Just to clarify, not all toys at that area belongs to Shaun. ;)

It was a short visit as we need to rush off but we have a good time chit-chating away and I forgot to take more photos of his whole toy collection. You can view more of his toy room here.

Once again want to thank Shaun for his hospitality and sharing.


desmond said…
Wow!! This is absolutely a very good experience to visit Shaun's toy room. Hope I have a chance next time..
Jcee said…
Wow!!! That must have been an awesome trip haha! I would love to see a collection like Shaun's!
Yar man...would love to see Shaun's toy room!! When is the next trip to the Fortress!! LOL
LEon said…
Just drop Shaun a line, I am sure he is more than willing to invite you.:D

When you plan to visit sg?

Shaun told us he is waiting for you to visit him. Contact him now!!
Shaun said…
@LEon: Thanks for dropping by, and this post, hope u enjoyed yourself.

@Des: call me whenever you're in Sengkang.

@Jcee: I'm sure they're many huge collections where you're based.

@Adrian: I will sms you next week, are you free on weekdays?
desmond said…
Adrian - call me to join ok?
sei.mn said…
this is COOL! i liek that huge batmobile!!
LEon said…
I like it too but it's too ex for me and I have no space to put it.
Thank you for nice pic taken of me posing with Batmobil. Shaun's collection is indeed impression.
LEon said…
you are welcome Dennis. Thank you for being a model for the size comparison. LOL
wiec? said…
a very impressive collection indeed. amazing stuff.
chrismandesign said…
super-mega-hyper WOW !!! that’s incredible, astonishing (bah, all d terms i know r just not enough...) PLOP !!!

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