Random Funny Toy Video

I was laughing my heart out when I saw these Toy video which follow the classic Mac and PC concept. In this case, Marvel (spider-man) and DC (Superman). You will love it more if you are comic fan.

Things get more hilarious when independence toy and comic like Hellboy started to join the picture.

I really love the "Do you hear a sad music playing when you walk away?" part. LOL

For Batman or Ironman Fan, here's something to fight it out.

and the batman and Ironman continue...

I think that's enough laugh for the day. My hats off to ItsJustSomeRandomGuy for his creativity.

Have a Happy weekend!


Mario! said…
I've watched all of his videos, and they're all very well done. Any of them that involve Deadpool are even better than the rest.
Quick Star said…
I'm sorry for being off topic, I know this is too much to ask but do you like exchanging links? I already added you in my blog roll http://animemmorpgs.blogspot.com I hope you grant my request and be included in your sidebar... Thank you very much ^^
Watched all the video. Very creative conversation. Seems that Marvel is over D.C! I hope my comment didn't hurt any D.C fans.
LEon said…
THanks for the heads up bro!

Thanks. Allow me to take sometime to consider as I visit your site. :)

DC always have Batman although I wish there are more superman fan...I like Superman but the latest movie was crap!

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