Quiz: Photohunt #8

Welcome back to another Photohunt. This week picture is from Little Plastic Man, one of Adrian's customize paper toy, FATS T160 Assault Walker Tomato class (that's a mouth full). Now spot 5 differences!

As usual please rate and indication the star rating. The above photo were taken from here.

If you cannot find the differences, the answer is here.

Talking about paper toys, do you have a color printer at home? If you do, will you download some paper toys to build and play for fun? I do not have a color printer and I do not mind if someone who would like to hand me a working color printer. :D

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desmond said…
Spotted 4 places only. Left black and yellow cannon. white line at left side of the yellow body. Grey hair line of the small box and the yellow round shaped thing on the top of the robot..
zh3us said…
i swore i only saw 3! >_<
LEon said…
Wow! Good for you!

You give spoiler!! LOL

It's hard isn't it? Too hard?
As usual...I can't spot the differences and only spotted 3. But thanks to Des for the so obvious "hints"...LOL.
And thanks Bro for using my papaer toys photo!
LEon said…
The honor is mine Little Plastic Man. :)

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