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Road Safety Jibanyan

Road Safety Jibanyan
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McDonalds Minion Kevin

McDonalds Minion Kevin
Just like in the movie, he is armed with Lava gun

Gundam Dock Singapore

Gundam Dock Singapore
Summary of Gundam Dock Singapore 2015

Seeker Squadron

Seeker Squadron
Transformers Platinum Edition Seeker Squadron 3-Pack Review

Quiz: Photohunt #8 Answer

30 September 2009

So much about me shamelessly asking for FREE color printer.

Here's the answer for this week Photohunt. :D

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sei.mn said...

Aww.. i have missed it.. too busy with work.. :( gonna find time..

01 October, 2009 00:33
LEon said...

It's okay Sei. Just remember to check in every monday! You can subscribe my RSS to make things easier. :D

01 October, 2009 09:31

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