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Meet one of the iconic Decepticon in Transformers Prime

Playmobil Viking

Playmobil Viking
How to Train a .... no dragon but Vikings. Cool figure review.

USS Enterprise

USS Enterprise
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Nerf Crossfire Bow

Nerf Crossfire Bow
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Quiz: Photohunt #8 Answer

30 September 2009

So much about me shamelessly asking for FREE color printer.

Here's the answer for this week Photohunt. :D

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sei.mn said...

Aww.. i have missed it.. too busy with work.. :( gonna find time..

01 October, 2009 00:33
LEon said...

It's okay Sei. Just remember to check in every monday! You can subscribe my RSS to make things easier. :D

01 October, 2009 09:31

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