Quiz: PhotoHunt #7

This week picture is from Tangerine Tango. The photo above is Nendoroid Nagi, Nagi came from the anime series Kannagi.She's Ninjovee's second Nendoroid and she love her to bits. It was her first figure outdoor shots!Read more on her blog entry here.

Bonus Question: Do you know what song Nagi is listening to?

As usual please rate and indication the star rating.
The answer is here if you cannot find the difference.


ninjovee said…
I know what song she was listening to! :3 haha XD
Thanks again for using my photo for this week's photo hunt! ^^ I found five of them! It took a while to find the other two @_@;
rockleelotus said…
these are getting harder! nice work ^^
zh3us said…
wooot! got them all again!
LEon said…
Of course you hold the answer as you are the one who took this photo. :P Maybe you can tell me when the answer is out which one you missed out.

Thanks you for your feedback. :)

How long it took you to get them all?

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