Quiz: PhotoHunt #6

This week picture is from Ant Sized Man who is into 1/144 scale modeling making of air craft, gundam and Macross. Below picture happen to be found from an box art of a tank model kit. It look cute so I used it.

To make it easier for you to see the picture above for your large screen resolution, you can do the following if you are using Firefox browser. Simply hold your "Ctrl" with "+" to zoom in as much as you like. To go back to the normal, simply hit "Ctrl" with "0" key. Note is 0 is zero not O for Open. :)

This Quiz maybe more difficult than the previous one since some of you find the previous quiz too easy. Hehehe. As usual please rate using the star rating below to feedback which served as the indication of the number of differences you spotted.

The answer is here if you cannot find the differences.

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Kodomut also having a Photohunt today too!


rockleelotus said…
found them all! interesting to use artwork instead of a photo, nice ^^
kluxorious said…
managed to find only four differences =\
Emi said…
I found all 5~ :D
zh3us said…
finally found the comment button....

Woot found em too!
LEon said…
Yes the artwork was interesting and cute so I use it. :D

Try to look again, you maybe surprise to found what you missed out. :)


Hard to find the comment button?! Thank you for finding the comment button. LOL
Kodomut said…
Yesm quite hard to find the comment button actually. Should just make the comment field under the post instead of a pop up ^^

Half the time I press
Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)
LEon said…
Thanks for the feedback Kodomut. I only can use what was offer by blogger here. I added a embedded comment on a single post. :)

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