Nerf Office War

They said Office is a war zone. I guess those who are working will agree with me.

I just wish that office war is so direct and not personal but in reality it maybe another case. I do know Sales most of the time doesn't get along with the IT or the Engineers. Anyway I was drooling over the amount of Nerf guns there. Can you list all the Nerf gun in the video?

Most of them are not wearing protective goggles but I am not saying it is a must but the official Nerf encourage them to. But heck I wish I can join in such a fun war zone. I know some may drool over the OL (Office Ladies) than the Nerf guns...

Anyway that's what Nerf gun fun is all about. Shoot and forget but I can't imagine anyone would bring a Nerf gun to work. Would you?

If you are interested to grab a Nerf gun, here's one of the place to get.


Look at the weapon rack! Really a lot of Nerf from pistol, gun, GPMG, sniper rifle and bazooka! Cool!
Jcee said…
Haha I love this video, it never gets old! Would be a cool place to work in lol
kluxorious said…
I want to be part of the war too and wish I can shoot one or two of my office mate with that gun.
LEon said…
I went crazy when I saw that weapon rack too! How I wish I can have a weapon rack for C4 longshots!

Is a dream job isn't it? Get pay to play nerf guns.

Don't we all. XD

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