My first attempt of OTTi in 3ds max

OTTi the mascot of this blog has not been forgotten.

I have been busy picking up 3ds max this week and so far this is what I can come out with for OTTi. It's very Raw and there is so much to learn. Here's some of the shots of him.

OTTi is currently still at his infant age but he is sure growing. When will it be the day that OTTi can move and start talking? We just have to wait. If time permit, I will be doing some comic of him. But I am not a pro so don't expect much okay? Just for fun only.

If there are any expert who can do better than this, do share it with me here! I would love to see your version of OTTi. Little Plastic Man did his version on paper toy in case you have missed it.

Please show OTTi some love if you can by commenting. Can you find my comment button now?


Jcee said…
Looks good! He sorta looks like a Minimate OTTi lol!
LEon said…
Thank you for your encouragement. I was pulling my hair when I do this 3d
OTTi looks kind of fierce, but having it on 3D is quite a thing!
LEon said…
OTTi always has a angry looking eyes. His signature look. LOL See if I can generate other expression first. :)

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