My Doraemon Giveaway Winner is...

Finally someone is going to walkaway with my Doraemon Giveaway!

But before that, let's go through the answers for those who enter the contest.

1. In the story of Doraemon, he is a Robotic ________?
a> Snake
b> Cat
c> Dog
d> Mouse

2. Doraemon is afraid of ________?
a> Water
b> the Sun
c> Mouse or Rat
d> Cockroaches
It was said that some rats bite off Doraemon's ears.

3. Doraemon is from the ________?
a> Past
b> Present
c> Future
d> Outer Space

4. Doraemon store his gadgets in his _________?
a> Head
b> Suitcase
c> Drawer
d> Pocket
5. How many unique expressions does this Giveaway Doraemon toy has?
a> 3
b> 4
c> 5
d> 6

As there are a number of entries who got all five questions right and as such I have to do a lucky draw in random at my end.

Before the announcement, I would like to thank those who sent in their entries via email and show their interest in getting my Doraemon giveaway.

The winner of my Doraemon Giveaway is ninjovee!

Congratulations ninjovee! An email will be send to you shortly. I am glad to giveaway this Doraemon to a true Doraemon fan.

Here's some consolations for those Doraemon fan.

I have been reading Doraemon since I was seven of age, I never remember seen the ending of Doraemon Manga. From what I know, there was never an official ending of Doraemon. Since the creator is dead, no one actually put an end to the manga. However I happen to stumble upon this version of the ending Doraemon and I felt if this was an official release, it would be a good ending.

In anyway, Doraemon will live forever. That is the beauty of cartoon characters. Never grow old, never die. They just need to be relevant to times in a way or another.

Thank you everyone for your support and most of all to Doraemon for such memories. :) That wrap up the month of Doraemon. Feel free to leave comments of your experience with Doraemon. :D


ninjovee said…
w00t! >w<
My first win for a giveaway! :3
Thank you so much >w<
LEon said…
You are welcome ninjovee. Thanks for your support!

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