Meet Norton Commando Transformer

If you think Michael Bay Transformers is something to shout about, allow me to show you something which equal if not more remarkable than that.

Meet Norton Commando Transformer created by Steve Twist who did this while he was studying his Undergraduate Degree course in Computer Visualisation And Animation over at the Bournemouth University. Take note of the flawless interaction between Norton and the real life actor and it's transformation.

This video took Steve eight months to complete. With patience and diligent, the outcome was remarkable. Those who are biker will appreciate this video more.

Via: MotorcycleNews


Indeed a video very well done and flawless. Even transformed slowly for everyone's pleasure.
Snark said…
This guy needs to appear in the next Transformers movie
kluxorious said…
this guy deserved some recognition! amazing
Ant Sized Man said…
Looked like a flawless transformation, impressive as you could see what parts went where.
Dash MacBastard said…
I love the way he coughs up exhaust. Cool video.
LEon said…
Only the creator has the guts to do that.

Yep. The official movie is a disappointment.

That is why I post it here to share and to give credit for such hard and quality works.

@Ant Sized Man
Slow transformation are always welcome unlike the movie of TF is so messy.

Yes that's I find is a nice touch too!

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