Giveaway #2 Contest: Doraemon Giveaway

Due to popular demand on my previous Giveaway, I have decided to do another giveaway. Since this is a Doraemon month (All thanks to Mcdonalds Happy Meal Doraemon Nature series Toys), I am going to do a Giveway to all Doraemon fans.

No I am not going to giveaway my Doraemon Happy meal toys collection! Someone in my family will kill me if I do that. :P Instead I am going to give you a much Cooler and practical Doraemon toy! It is so cool that is on video:

Now is this Doraemon cool and fun enough for you? For the benefit of those who cannot see the video, it is a Doraemon key chain with turning eyes which give him different expressions. Just press the pocket looking button and the eyes will spin and stop to give you a different expression. I had endless hours of fun with it whenever I am bored. No worry, the one I am giving away is NEW! I bought 2 as I wanted to give to my dear readers of these blogs.

How to get this toy?

You will need to answer a 5 questions and email me your answers. Do not leave your answers at the comment as everyone can read the comment and may copy your answer if your answer is all correct and that will not be fair. However do leave me your comment once you submitted the answer via email so that I can do double checking in cases that email being lost. I will acknowledge every submission via comment too.

If I received more than one correct answers by the ending date, (29 Sept 2009 Singapore Time), there will go for a lucky draw to determine the winner. You can follow me on Twitter to keep you posted on the timing and progress of the giveaway contest. If you have a twitter account, retweet this for me! Thanks!

Here the list of questions:

1. In the story of Doraemon, he is a Robotic ________?
a> Snake
b> Cat
c> Dog
d> Mouse

2. Doraemon is afraid of ________?
a> Water
b> the Sun
c> Mouse or Rat
d> Cockroaches

3. Doraemon is from the ________?
a> Past
b> Present
c> Future
d> Outer Space

4. Doraemon store his gadgets in his _________?
a> Head
b> Suitcase
c> Drawer
d> Pocket

5. How many unique expressions does this Giveaway Doraemon toy has?
a> 3
b> 4
c> 5
d> 6

If you need hints to the answers, they can be found on the entries regarding Doraemon. :) If you are a fan of Doraemon, you need not need the hints.

I will bare the postage to get this to send to where you are staying for Free if you are the final winner.

Email me your answers now!

Updates: Please give only one entry for a person. Duplicated entries will be consider as one entry and invalid email address will be disqualify.


ninjovee said…
Emailed my answers! :D I hope I get a shot at this! >w<
Very cute toy! Especially the jackpot expressions! The first pic is very well composed too! Like the anime!
LEon said…
I received your entry

Thanks bro. You want to join in for the contest for your wife? :P

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