The Drossel von Flügel Fireballl Poison

Warning: Poison Ahead! Do not watch the following "Fireball" video should you later fall in love with her.

What is the Fireball video about?
Fireball is a short series of CGI anime created by Toei Animation in conjunction with Disney. There is no particular storyline but it is quite entertaining to view the short clips.

My after thoughts after watching the whole series so far...
I fell in love with the characters in the Fireball instantly especially Drossel von Flügel. Now I am looking for the figma toy of her!!

It is Poison!!! Don't say I never warn you.


Snark said…
I think I've seen the first 3 or so episodes.

To be honest, whilst they were entertaining enough, I really didn't think they were all that good...
Kodomut said…
Can only find Drossels on ebay!
LEon said…
That depend on the standard of good. For me the animation already allow me to buy in to the Toy.

Was hoping someone can sell me cheap. LOL
Kodomut will be thrilled! Great CGI of Figma!
Jcee said…
When I saw the pictures released of this figma, I was already interested in it because of its design. But then soon forgot about it because I don't even know what it's from.

But now you have ignited my interest again. The anime is nice and short, I like it! Let me know if you find a good deal on the figure! haha
LEon said…
kodomut know it long time ago and he have two of that figure!!!

That the same thing happening to me. I found some selling locally but the price is ex. Email me if you want to know the price. I am looking for cheaper source too.

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