Awesome Bruce Lee Vs Ironman Stop Motion Video!

One of my dream is to do Stop Motion Animation with toys and looking at this well done piece, really inspiring!

I support Bruce Lee!! :D

Can you name all the four figures in the video? If I am not wrong, Ironman is from Hot toy, Sam and Frodo should be from Sideshow and Bruce Lee i'm not too sure but my best guess is Enterbay. Anyone want to answer that?
Updated: Thanks to Desmond, the 12 inches Bruce Lee is from Medicom.

Maybe some of those 12 inches toy collector can try something like that? :P


kluxorious said…
holy cow that is one awesome quality vid! Too bad I do not know much about these kind of figures so I wouldn;t know where did they come from.
desmond said…
Leon, Bruce Lee from Medicom..This video had been in the youtube for quite some time already..
LEon said…
What they do is they take photography of the toy one shot at a time and part by part do the changes. In that case when piece together it will be a moving video. It's a lot of hard work.

Thanks for the info! You really a 12 inches master. LOL

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