Wii Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Daibouken

While many love Dragonball Z, I kinda of like Dragonball when Goku was young. Wii has finally came out the adventure of Goku in Dragonball.

You will confront the Red Ribbon army and to the fight to the death with Piccolo. Just relive the child Goku's adventures all over again. The game is so smooth in graphic and fully voiced conversations that you think you are watching the anime!

Too bad it is in Japanese but that should stop Dragonball fan from playing it! English version would be nice, Bandai and Nintendo...:D

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Snark said…
Good to know the best part of Dragonball is getting a new game!
LEon said…
Agree. Young Goku was the fun part where things are not that serious.
The game has interesting intro with catchy tune. Can play as Goku in Golden Axe style.
LEon said…
Dennis it is funny you mention it look like golden Axe. I never thought of it that way. Good point! LOL
Ant Sized Man said…
Looks like the look of the anime has really been captured. Should be alot more funny than the DBZ game which is alot of button pushing fighting tournament, get sour thumbs. Should be fun with the Wii remote.
LEon said…
Fun it should be. I really hope they will release English version for this game for Wii.

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