Twitter and STGCC Gathering

I make full used of Singapore National Public holiday to update my Twitter. Not with Tweets but change of the background. After few days of trying to upload(due to cranky Twitter) , I finally got it done. So here is the new look which work well for 1024 x 768 and more.

How does it look? Good? Well follow my twitter for tweets and we can also chit chat there. LOL

In case some of you have forgotten, there will be STGCC this week. I am planning to meet some of the toy collectors and bloggers for that event on Friday night 7 pm after our working hours. So far, Dennis, Joshua, desmond and me are confirm meeting for the first day event at Suntec. We just want to take this opportunity to meet up each other in person aside from our busy working and family life. Drop me or Joshua an email with your contact and we will contact you. Please let us know by Thursday 13 Aug 09.


Hey bro...would love to meet up with u guys but Friday is when I bring my son back home from my mum's place. Will try to come...need to ask wife's permission. Update u soon...:)
LEon said…
No problem bro, family first. You know my number. Just update us. :)

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