NECA Ryu Vs SOTA Guile by Phantomzone

This review is a guest entry by Phantomzone

Phantomzone had just did another guest post on the review of NECA Ryu vs SOTA Guile. In this review, he will be testing various articulations of NECA and SOTA figures and Phantomzone's personal thoughts on the figures in the dialogue of the characters.

Picking up Previously...

Will NECA Gulie be better than SOTA Gulie?

You can get a NECA Ryu here.


kluxorious said…
wahahaha this is effing hilarious. and for what its worth, i thought both Guile and Ryu are really fugly. said…
this is so COOL!! :) NICE
phantomzone said…
Hi all, phantomzone here...

first of all, I'd like to say that I was too harsh to sota guile not because I hate it so much, but because this is supposed to be a sarcastic joke to some people that I know in a certain forum (die hard sota SF fans) who keep bragging bout their sota SF figures and talking trash bout neca SF figures. So I apologize if in any way you feel that I'm insulting you and your collection.

Anyway, enjoy the comic strips, will do more in the future, when not lazy/busy ^^ and yeah... even I myself took time to appreciate ryu's face, at first I also think "wtf happened to ryu's face sculpt" but after play around with it, and took lots of pics of it, I like it even more, besides, this ryu is based on "muscular" SF IV characters not anime or SF alpha ;D
LEon said…
Glad you enjoyed the toy-comic by phantomzone.

Thanks for dropping by Sei.All credits to phantomzone.

Yes NECA toys is taking Streetfighter IV game character and they follow accordingly. It is the game designer or artist that set the standard and not NECA.
I was hoping Guile would win! I think he's more cool than Ryu! Seems like there would be a second part. New improved Guile vs Ryu. Ha! Ha!
Anonymous said…
Hahaha, that's hilarious!!!!
I love what NECA did with Street Fighter.

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