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McDonalds 35 years Hello Kitty Collections (1974)

20 August 2009

In the year 2000, there was a Hello Kitty soft toys craze over at McDonald in Singapore. I remember joining in the queue to collect the whole series too. McDonald had once again included Hello Kitty collectibles. It is the the 35 years collections of Hello Kitty starting from the year 1974 to 2009 with their Happy meals Promotion. I went to McDonald to check out and got the 1974 Hello Kitty collection with an order for a Happy Meal.

1974 was the year when Hello Kitty all begin. A very good year I must say. ;)

Time to Open the Toy. Unlike the previous soft toys, this collection are more to an iconic diorama display. The casing is an apple shape that has "Hello Kitty 35 years" imprint on it.

It comes with an instructions sheet. On one side a presentation of 1974 Hello kitty in Japanese languages.

While the other side, some simple instruction regarding the toy.

There's a catchment on the side. Press it to open the casing.

Once opened, say Hello to the Hello Kitty inside.

The apple shaped casing had a 1974 sticker on one side and a seat for Hello Kitty on the other.

Personally I find the casing was rather cramp for this Hello Kitty. I had a feeling Hello Kitty preferred outside of the casing.

Why? Just look at the seat.

Does she look comfortable to you?

Even kitty refused to go back inside the casing. I need to coax her back. Come on Kitty. Go back and I will bring you out later.

Come on, be co-operative. Please don't turn your back on me...

Okay how about I bring you some more friends from the series later? Wonderful! That's a nice kitty. No, I will not lie to you. Rest assure. Sleep tight!

Phew! managed to get her back.

Guess I have to get another one of this soon. Before that, time to do some excises to burn some fat to make room for happy meal. Well maybe just one more.

If you are a Hello Kitty fan or collector, you cant miss out this one.

Looking for:
Desmond is looking for 1990 and 2003. If anyone have spare, please contact him.

If you have other requests on these series, you can leave a comment and I can post here too. :)

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ninjovee said...

Saw an ad for these Hello Kitty happy meal toys at a McDonald's near our school yesterday... she's adorable :)

20 August, 2009 10:25
desmond said...

My girlfriend will be getting the whole set of wave 4 series today. She has the complete set of wave 2 and wave 3. As for wave 1, she missed 1990 and 2003 :P

20 August, 2009 10:37
LEon said...

1974 is the most worth getting set as it comes with a hello kitty figure. You collecting them all?

Wow! You guys are hardcore. I can't imagine you and your gf have to eat happy meal every week for every of the figure. Watch both of your weight bro.

If anyone have spare 1990 and 2003, please contact desmond!

20 August, 2009 13:29
kluxorious said...

I don't know what the craze was about. I mean it wasn't even cute =\
or maybe I just didn't find anything cute if it is not anime related ^^"

20 August, 2009 18:27
LEon said...

They are very cute to the ladies in general. Hello kitty also has their own animation too.

20 August, 2009 22:35
ninjovee said...

I'm not as fond of HK as I was back in the day... although I still have those Hello Kitty + Dear Daniel plush toys and some HK finger puppets that used to come with ice cream. LOL. So I'm not really sure if I'm going to collect them... Maybe I'll just get one if I do stop by a McDonald's to eat.

20 August, 2009 22:53
LEon said...

I am not as crazy for Hello Kitty as before for this series. I bet if they were soft toys again, the craze will be more.

20 August, 2009 23:31
Ant Sized Man said...

Never knew HK was 35 years old thought it was less then a decade old.
Sometimes think about going to McD's just to get a toy or 2, read the McD's are the largest distributor of toys in the world.

21 August, 2009 01:16
the dutch purple rabbit said...

i'm going to check the front of the mc dondalds here the next couple of weeks. i love hello kitty and i love polly pocket and this combo make me lost the words for it



21 August, 2009 01:31
Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The other day, my wife had mentioned to me she likes the Hello Kitty apples that come with Happy Meal. But there are so many different designs.

21 August, 2009 03:30
LEon said...

@Ant Sized Man
My memories of hello kitty was in the 1980s. At that time it more like a gal thingy in primary school.

Mcdonalds are one big and effective distributor alright. Imagine every single week there are always new toys selling with the happy meal. No toy manufacture can match that. No Sir.

@Dutch Rabbit
Ah! polly pocket! A name that I have not heard for a long time. Missed those toys and advertisement. Let us know if the kitty fever hit over your end okay?

Bring your wife and kids there! This is the last week!!! This week offer is the best as they have 4 hello kitty figure with different color. I just got one yesterday. Going to share some later. :D

21 August, 2009 09:07
desmond said...

Thanks bro for letting others know I am looking for the remaining two. I was unable to get them when Mcdonalds launched them few weeks ago. It's very hot that time :P

21 August, 2009 09:29

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