Vader Invasion Counting down to 3 Days

As you may have forgotten or remember, there will be a Vader Invasion heading to this blog three days from now. All I can only disclose that it has to do with Toys. If not, it will not be on this toy blog. :)

If you want to take a peek of what is going on, you may do so at your own risk.

Meanwhile Darth Vader is still busy deciding on what to wear for the occasion invasion.

I have a bad feeling about this...

Let's stick to the D day shall we?

Meanwhile, here's something from Starwars to cheer you up.

Don't get me wrong. Nothing kinky like the above on that day. However if you like kinky stuff, look out for the next post. ;)


razrig said…
i LOL at the last pic ^__^..
vader in his special chair nice ^^
chunky B said…
Wow, that's a whole other side of Luke I had hoped not to see, LOL!

The Vader in his Chamber figure, I had just picked one up, when I one one in raffle at a toy show, LOL. Can't wait till D-Day!
LEon said…
The last crack me up when I saw it.

Luke was young and well in his teen as a guy, that typically what he might do. LOL Congratz as you got the 500th vader.
Stand by for the countdown and the force is with me. Hee! Hee!
LEon said…
Dennis the force will be with you...always. XD

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