July 2009 Updates

It's the beginning of a new month and I have change my header again. Okay I try not to change too often unless I got bored of my old ones. This time, I have young Goku replacing Tamama.

So what is install in July? Taking a look at my Toy lists, I have pretty much toys to review especially Model kit. Not only Keroro but Bandai Sango Gundam too! As you know model kit need to find the time to build, paint and review. I guess I have to spend more weekend at home to do that.

Expect to have more games review too as I am currently playing some games whenever I can.

Meanwhile thank you for your constant support guys. It really kept me going. :)


Ant Sized Man said…
Cool header, got to make one myself.
Seeing keroro, will be interesting, have yet to look into anything from that.
Willie said…
Nice new header
LEon said…
@Ant Sized Man
Thanks! Your New header is nice too. Macross!! Now all you need is your blog title on it. :)

Thanks Willie. :)

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