Cosfest VIII in Singapore

There will be a Cosplay event in Downtown East this coming Saturday and Sunday, 11 - 12 July.

Cosfest VIII - A Very Happy Event is into it's 8th year running hosted by the regional Singapore Rounds of World Cosplay Summit.

It is a anime/cosplay convention in Singapore and of course there will be a Cosplay Competition. The winners of the Cosplay Competition will represent Singapore to compete with some of the world’s finest cosplayers in Japan. There will be Anime Karaoke contest and artist booths with their own works and comics.

The event will be on 11 to 12 of July, opening timing will be from 1pm to 7pm at Downtown East, D' Marquee.

Here is a coverage of Cosfest VII in 2008 so that you can have a better understanding of what to expect. Look very interesting. :)


Willie said…
They are going to do it in Kuching Sarawak too...on 25th July
LEon said…
Really? So are you attending there?
i wsh signapore was not that far away now. i never seen something like that. someday i hope to visit signapore.

desmond said…
Not going as it's very far from Jurong West :)
It's a pity I have to work during this weekends. I also like anime and cosplay too!
LEon said…
@Dutch Purple Rabbit
Sure. Come by maybe for your honeymoon? :P But it pretty hot here.

Understand. It is End to End.

Bro, your job require you to do shift?
Oh yes! Sometime even long hours.
LEon said…
You work hard for the money Dennis.

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