01 July 2009

Building the Terminator

Ever wonder how the Terminator is being built? Never seen one in my life but there are so many hear said. Here is one of them. 12" collector will love it. ;)


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I wonder what is the cost to build one? Ha! Ha!

LEon said...

Definitely cost more than
$100. LOL

Ant Sized Man said...

Got a Hot Toys T-800 but could never bring myself to take it apart. Its an amazing piece and a little expensive.

LEon said...

@Ant Sized Man
That hot toy T-800 is one master piece. I do not have the budget to go into 12 inches nor the room space to have that. I was hoping for 6 inches like those by NECA. :) Your Hottoy T-800 come with glowing eyes right?

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