Transformers Animated Deluxe Rodimus Minor & Oil Slick Repaint

Although Transformers Animated series has ended, the toys are still coming. That's a good thing as personally I really like the animated series design.

Rodimus Minor in the animated series only happen to appear in one single episode, the vehicle design remain loyal to his G1 design but the robot mode give him a new twist as a bowman. Unlike the G1 cartoon, he never get to be promoted as a Prime. On the whole, I like the design but the jaw is not that Rodimus looking. Nonetheless will get this if I see it out on retail.

Repaint has found Oil Slick who also appear on the same episode with Rodimus prime who was going to pour some rusty stuff to Rodimus. The color seems better than the previous version which has to be. Is the repaint necessary? you tell me.

I am sure many Transformers toy collectors are now concentrating on the coming movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen which the movie is opening this Thursday. Hasbro is kind of slow in releasing the Animated lines (some even on clearance sales!). I am more into the Animated toys than the coming movie ones. I may pick some of the movie toy but I will certain to focus on the Animated series. :)


Willie said…
I'm looking forward to the next transformers
I think the reason Hot Rod didn't get a chance to turn to Rodimus in animated series was because previously Transformers cartoon took a dip after the cartoon movie with Optimus Prime been X off. Fans probably feel Hot Rod caused the death of Prime.
LEon said…
Dennis, to be honest I too was turned off during the passing of Optimus Prime. Rodimus have a big shoe to fit in the eyes of the fan.
Juliana said…
This TFA toyline has started to grow on me because of the attractive discounts recently. The poison has spread, help me! :(
Ant Sized Man said…
Hot Rod looks really good, only seen a few episodes of the cartoon so far but from what ive seen i really like.
Would'nt mind picking up a couple of these bots, have to check them out next time im walking past a toy store.
LEon said…
Actually the order pricing should be how toys suppose to be. Especially the leader class. It just too ex to pay about $100 for it. If you have not get your starscream, you can get it at metro orchard as it is selling $19.90.

@Ant Size Man
I like the new animated Transformers more than the G1. It is more straight to the point and fun to watch. Too bad they ended the series. Many are hoping for more. Im sure we will be seeing more of it in time to come. They started the cartoon after the TF movie. So i'm sure hasbro and Cartoon Network will continue to feed the market.
Juliana said…
Hi LEon,

Thanks for the tip! I already got 2 Voyager TFA & 2 Deluxe TFA toys. Must stop already :P
LEon said…
You are welcome Juliana. Good discount must share. LOL

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