PSP Go! ???

News have been going around about the new PSP which is out in the coming fall. It has a 3.8-inch display and it is said to be 43% lighter than the PSP-3000 making it look thinner.

The PSP Go! will be having a slip-out design which kinda remind me of Sony Ericsson mobile phone design reviling the joypad and the actions buttons.

Apart from having what PSP 3000 features, it will be having Bluetooth connection and will be using Memory Stick Micro slot. It will no longer be using UMD but will be having a inbuilt of 16GB of memory. For games will be able to be purchase from online stores.

It sound interesting but somehow the new design doesn't really grow on me. Will await for more news and confirm detail of the design.


cosmicbaby said…
I dont have big hands... & playing with the cyrrent PSP is already tiring for the thumb & the index finges due to the position of the toggle & actions buttons.

I dont see how this new design is better, in fact I find it worse (lookin at it), toggle now almost in the middle, & the action buttons right at the bottom... just my 2 cents
LEon said…
You are most welcome to speak your mind bro. I agree with you. The current psp design is better to put gamer at easy for playing. Even watching video on the go is easier to hold and watch with both hands.
Sorry side track...Leon, I know you were looking for Matt Tracker GI Joe. Found a local buyer on ebay selling it for $16
LEon said…
Thank you bro! Hope the transaction goes thru. :D
Snark said…
Whilst it doesnt look as comfortable, I must admit the new psp does look a hell lot more portable and pocket friendly
LEon said…
Snark, it is 43% lighter than the previous psp and thus it is pocket friendly. As for comfort, we have to wait and see.
sket said…
need a upgrade long ago, now i can now hold back buying a 3000.
LEon said…
your PSP is PSP-1000(fat) / Psp-2000 / PSP-2006? Im still using my PSP-1000 and it's still up and running for close to 4 year. Only battery is getting shorter and shorter. So hard to find a original FAT battery... >_<
Must wait for price to go down first.
LEon said…
Price is one thing while user Friendliness is another. ;)

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