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I have been playing Restaurant City for awhile on my facebook and I have couple of my friends who are just starting out and they approached me for some pointers. So to ease myself from repeating my explanation to another, I just simply blog here for my findings. Remember it is my findings, not cheats.

Like all games, you have objective to focus on. For this game, you have to grow your restaurant and for that, you need to make some money and points.

Longer Opening Hours
Leave your restaurant city on at all time. By that I mean leave it on in the background even if you’re not playing. However you may want to check on your restaurant now and then as condition sometime changes when your workers are getting more tired.

Layout is everything
Cosmetic may play a part in real life restaurant but in the game it is all about your layout. By that I mean the arrangement your Stove, tables and chair. The amount of workers you have and speed of your service to the amount of customers.

They are couples of worked formula around depending on the number of workers you have in the game. Here are some of the worked formula which being shared for different levels of players. For starting up players and for more establish restaurant (4 Cooks, 2 Waiters) which is idea to move on to Island layout. Remember, Efficiency is everything.

Keeping your employee happy
When your employee are happy, they work faster and resulting happy customers. So keep them happy by feeding them during opening hours. Try to keep their happiness level above 75%. Remember to put them to bed when you close for the day.

Always serve your best dish
Varitly is good but like all restaurant, you got to develop your best dish. Why? The higher level your dishes are, the higher thumbs up (GP) which equal to more reputation gain from a customer. So you just need to develop your own signature dish as you can only serve one dish from each category at a time. If you serve 1 level 6 dish, it is equal to serving 2 level 1 dish. Think about that! The Max level is 10 which will give you +2.8 GP which help you to level up faster.

Ingredient, Ingredient.
Most ingredient are free. Everyday you log in, you will get a Free ingredient. When you visit a new friend (one time only), you will get a Free ingredient. When you correctly answered the Daily Quiz, you will get a free ingredient.

If you need more ingredient, you can trade with friends or simply buy from a seller located just outside of your restaurant at a price. Remember to lock your ingredient as well.

Keeping your Customers happy
The purpose is not only make your customer happy but to prevent them to give you negative reputation rating which would affect the speed of your overall progress.

Arcade Machine

Although they are costly ($8k each), they are an essentual tools to keep the customer happy. Some customer just come in for the machine. The purpose is to prevent them for giving you negative reputation points before leaving the resturant.

Waiting chair
When a customers step into the full house resturant, they will comment there are no seat left. So you may want to place 2 to 3 chairs for them to sit on while waiting. Try placing the chair further away from the enterance and you may want to place them near some arcade machine.

Long stroll to their tables
Your customers will not mind how far they need to walk but they will mind how long they need to wait for an empty seat. So that very much depend how fast your waiter can clean up the dirty dishes off the table. To buy your waiter more time, build a long walking passage way to delay the flow. To build a maze, you just need something to create a path. Your awards will be handy here.

Need for speed
Okay seems everything is in order. Now you are waiting for money and point to start rolling in. You can increase the engine of the game faster by choosing the lower graphic quality. you can do that by pressing the button on the top left corner.

To spend or not to spend

All of the items in this game are cosmic. They will not increase in your earning in anyway. So it does not matter really what stove you bought, what color is your table, chair or even toilet bowls. Some of the item like toilet bowl is only require when you reached a certain level. However the more you spent, the more GP will be awarded which will help you in leveling up.

If you have overspent and you need more money, you may want to knock on some tree outside restaurants and hope for some falling gold coins. You can also visit some restaurants to pick up some trash.

While your earning is limited, you may want to plan carefully. If you want to save, do not feed your employee. When they are tired, simply ask them to go to bed while you close your restaurant.

Close for the day
Your restaurant is not really close when you put your employee to bed. Customer will still come through that door and when they see no service, they may leave with a reduction of your GP. To avoid anyone from coming in, block the door with anything you can find before putting your employee to bed. Yes you need to close the restaurant. It is good for you and your employee. Remember to save the game too.

I hope this is informational. If you have any suggestion or anything to share, you are welcome to comment on this entry. :)


Hey I am also playing this game...hahaha I find you on facebook!
Snark said…
Hey, looks like facebook actually has decent games O.o

Might give this a shot if I ever log back on fb, it looks pretty fun >=D
LEon said…
Sure. ;)

yes it is fun. :D
[SK] said…
wow, impressive!! you are truly a Restaurant City guru huh?? haha :p
Ha! Ha! My restaurant is always messy and the staff dozing.
Chris said…
i never play this game b4 ler...
LEon said…
I'm not really a Guru. Just want to share what I learn only. :)

Whenever you want to end the game, close the restaurant and put your staff to bed. :)

Try it. It's fun!! :D

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