NECA Terminator 2 Judgement day T-800 Pescadero Escape

Anyone remember phantomzone? Not too long ago, he did a NECA Ryu comic strip 1 and 2 on Openthetoy. With phantomzone's permission, he is going to share with us his review on NECA Terminator 2: Judgment Day Pescadero escape figure. Over to you Phatomzone.

Thank you Leon for putting my pictures of NECA SF figures last time, and now this review about NECA T2 figure in your blog, and to all the readers, hopefully you guys enjoy this review, do leave comments or feedbacks, it'll be great to know what you think about this review. For your information, Leon did some rearrangements of the pictures to make it more presentable and now this review is much better than before, thanks again Leon :)
So here goes the review, enjoy...

Packaging **1/2
Just like usual clampshell packaging, with only few wires inside, as much as i like the iconic picture of arnold riding bike while holding shotgun, at least they should give different pics for different figures, but here they give us the same pic for t800 endo and the half-ripped arm of terminator.

Sculpt ****

Pictures say a thousand words, this might me one of the best sculpt of arnold in terminator figure so far, more like mini version of HT 12" figure, the sculpt is amazing, very detail, nicely done by NECA.

Nothing need to be said for the headsculpt, it is great.

His T-shirt, jacket, pants, boots, even his belt are also very detail. The jacket has bullet holes, and if you manage to open his jacket you'll see his t-shirt with those wrinkles, very nice indeed.

Articulation ***

At first when I saw the prototype pics, I was thinking, "oh well... another stupid mini statue of my favorite movie character, why can't they make it like Street Fighter series with all those points of articulation!!!" but then I decided to buy it anyway because the guy gave me very good price... so I bought it home and this is the first one that I opened, and WOW... for a semi statue figure, the articulation is really good. Here's my short review that I did last time covering the articulation part
Upper body articulations:

Ball joint neck, nicely hidden by his t-shirt

Ball joint shoulder, though the movement kinda limited

Single joint elbow but can turn 360 degrees!!

Ball joint wrist, same with shoulder, movement kinda limited

Cut joint waist

Lower body articulations:
- cut joint left calf - either ball joint or cut joint ankle, cant see because of his pants, but even without joint this figure will do just fine

Paint ***

For figure in this kind of scale, I think the paint is more or less perfect, no QC problem like Street Fighter series. The paint is not flat but has different tones to make it look more "battle damage"

Accessories ***
1 shotgun and that's it. unless you're hoping NECA to give the bike as well, I think this iconic shotgun is enuf (or maybe you want a box with flowers like in the movie?), because this is the only weapon that he used during that scene.

Overall ***1/2
For me, this figure is perfect, just minus the articulation part, the best T2 figure so far, enuf said.

Thank you phantomzone to share with us this review.

I am sold for this NECA figure. It is way better than the Macfarlane T2 figure which I owned. More articulations, bigger size and much better likeness of Schwarzenegger. Here are both version for comparison sake.



So what's your choice going to be?


Hi! Great review man! I think getting an action figure is better than getting a statue cos moving and playing the toy is so much more fun. Just my opinion. Hee! Hee!
LEon said…
All credit goes to phantomzone and I agree with you. this is more fun and it's cost lower. :D

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