My Customized RSS & Twitter Icon

I love pictures and I longed to have my own customize RSS and Twitter icon on this blog. Finally done two customized icons that I am happy about. What do you think?

For RSS icon, I have OTTi to carry a giant RSS icon but he is not complaining. He is strong, green and mean...Gee that phase do sound familiar...Hm...:P

For my twitter birdie, I created a simple design with outline and shape somewhat PATAPON like. PATA PATA PATA PON. Play too much Patapon. :P

June coming to an end and that mark half of the year gone! That was fast... They say life is like a toilet roll, the closer to the end, the faster time goes. Hm... time to take stock in our life... much games and toys to play, so little time. :P

Well hope you like the icons as much as I do. Do join me on Twitter for more fun interaction and subscribe to my RSS if not my OTTi carry the icon for nothing. :P You can click on the icons to do that. It's FREE!! :D


Juliana said…
Cool, I love your customized icons. If only I have your talent in designing and photoshop skills :)
LEon said…
Juliana you need a customize RSS icon?

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