Michael Jackson

To a great performer who entertained us for the last four decades.

Touching us with his music and amazes us in his dancing.

Normally I would not blog about others thing here but for Michael Jackson, I made an exception.

More of my tribute here.


[SK] said…
of course this legend and king of pop will never be forgotten.. may he rest in peace..
Snark said…
In all honesty, I'm getting quite annoyed with how much his death is dominating news channels.

Yes, I get he was a really influential musician! But I wanna know whats happening in Iran dammit!
LEon said…
Indeed may him rest in peace.

You are right by I am pretty sure in a day or two everything will be back to normal again. Till then, let's miss MJ. :P
desmond said…
I have one MJ compilation cd and going to listen his album again..
LEon said…
I am listening to his songs for the whole weekend. Don't stop till you get enough if you know what I mean. :)

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