Transformers Animated Optimus Prime, Megatron & Bulkhead

Before I started openthetoy on toys review, I actually blog and review some of my toys on leonography which is my first blog on blogspot. Some where down the line, I wanted to have a toy blog and thus I started it. I want to share some of my Transformers Animated Toy review there which I didn't do that here. There was where it started these all.

>> Deluxe class Optimus Prime

>> Leader class Megatron

>> Leader class Bulkhead


Jcee said…
Wow you have a lot of TFA! Show a pic of your whole TFA fleet please! I only have a few of them!
LEon said…
Thanks Jcee. That have to wait as they are many I yet to review yet. Hehehe but will do that soon enough. xD
I like Bulkhead the best! He is cute especially with the helmet and the character design is very unique. Nice collection Leon!
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis. Bulkhead leader class is one of the popular one in Animated series. Somehow this character just grow on me. LOL
Juliana said…
Hi LEon,

The TFA toyline grew on me, especially with at the attractive sale prices they are going for recently! :P

Keep your toy photos and reviews coming, I'm eager to view and read them! :D
LEon said…
Will do Juliana. :) The recent leader class is selling 50% off! I kinda regret that I bought during their new release. LOL Think I will wait out for the movie figure. XD

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