TengChia's He-man & Battlecat 3D Model Won!

Following my previous post of Tengchia's who did submission of his He-man & Battlecat 3D model for cgtalk.com hardcore modeling Mini-Challenge #19: 80's Cartoons Tribute and the results were announced!

Tengchia entry is the grand winner sweeping 3 categories of Best Model & Best Action Figure and Best Diorama.

Well done! Let's congratulate Tengchia and join in the celebration!

Interested to know about the making of his He-man & Battlecat Diorama entry can read here.


Jcee said…
He totally deserved it! That looks amazing, so realistic, just like picture of a real statue!

Congrats TengChia!
Congrats Teng Chia...simply amazing! Love it!
Congrats Teng Chia! Undisputed winner!
TengChia said…
thanks everybody!!
Hao said…
Wow, pretty neat! 3D model brought me memories about my He-man figurines, had (have?) tons of them since I was a kid ^^ I guess we're predisposed to figurine and otaku addiction is in our genes? =D

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