TakaraTomy Transformers USB Devices

The last time we have TakaraTomy turned Soundwave into a real MP3 player. Well they went a few step forward to make some Transformers into USB devices. Now it is not only a toy.

Need a mouse? Then you can get Dinobot or Overkill (different color). It is laser mouse somemore with 3 buttons and 800 dpi! Why not make it wireless TakaraTomy?

Need some portable storage? Get Ravage (black) and Tigatron as a thumbdrive! Is 2GB big enough for you? It support USB 1.1 & USB 2.0.

With all these devices, your laptop USB connection maybe full. No worries. All you need is Blaster. He is a USB hub with 4 Ports.

And you think he is a laptop? Well so do I. :(

They will be out in Sept. Get them for your transforming computer's need. :) All of them are supported by Windows98/Me/2000/XP/Vista Mac.

PS: They may cost a bit more than usual USB devices and may not be on par with the same type of devices in the market but hey it's Transformers! You really want to use them as real devices?


Kenny said…
Ridiculously overpriced imo. Storage is more about reliability than looks. I don't want my data to go missing.
LEon said…
Yes I agree Kenny. I doubt the reliability too for the IT product. Guess many buy for the toy design. But out of budget for me. LOL
Snark said…
Hmm, I really want them, but just not enough to pay money for them...guess I'll just have to beat some kids up for their money >_>
LEon said…
beat some kid up...? (-_- |||) I know you are just joking right? LOL
I don't think it's very practical but they sure make good collectible toys. I remember in the past there is a watch that can be transformed to a robot. I don't think it's transformers but the gadget was so cool that time.
LEon said…
I remember that watch. Even KFC that time (ages ago) give it out as a meal toys. It was cool tho.

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