Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? on PSP

If you have played Disgaea game before, Prinnies will not be foreign to you. Chances are, you already fall in love with them. I know I did dood!

Now these supporting cast of Disgaea finally get their break. Yes they are the heroes of this game.

How it all happen...

Queen Etna's sweets was stolen and the poor Prinnies got the blame. In her anger, she order them to do the impossible... to get the ingredients for the Ultra Dessert.

Left with no choices, poor Prinnies had to comply.

Only one Prinny however was pushed to take on this impossible task while the others gave him the support from a far. So much for being a hero.

You have 1000 lives to accomplished the mission to travel all across the Netherworld killing everything in sight or being kill. Sound easy?

Not at all. In normal mode, Prinny can take 3 damages before restarting the stage or your previous check point with one live reduction. While in Hell mode, it just take one hit and 1 live gone instantly. Very challenging isn't it?

The struggle of Prinny to be a Hero is never easy but it do have it own share of reward.

If you really lost 1000 lives, you get to learned a special attack for Prinny, The Prinny Bomb! Once your lost 1000 lives and after the game over, you can return using this attack pressing and holding 'R' + 'Square'. This attack is not for FREE. It will cost you some of your remaining lives if you use it constantly.

If you feel too stress in the middle of the game and wanted to end it all (killing your Prinny instead of the enemy) for whatever reason, you may do that by L+R+Triangle.

The plus point for this game is that it comes with nice and cute graphics, interesting dialogue with sound and challenging stages if you have the patient and love for the Prinny.


Enjoy the game my friend. Like the combination of 2D & 3D graphic.
LEon said…
I do enjoy the game but sometime it can get frustrating. Only 2 more stages to go.
Snark said…
Fuck this looks hilarious XD
LEon said…
Yes Snark. The joke inside is quite good. :D

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