PlayFish Pet Society

What game have I been playing on my PC? The highest possibility would be Playfish Pet society thru my facebook. I saw my wife was enjoying herself playing this game at my home PC and I started joining in. :P

So what so fun about the game? The word is customisation. You first create your own pet character. Every part of the feature can be customise along the way with a price which is gold coins.

With Gold coins, you can shop for unique apparel and accessories of your choices.

You will have a home too and so you will have to decorate the rooms of your home with furniture, home appliances, wallpaper and floor tiles or carpet. As level increases, so will the number of your rooms. So more rooms mean more space and more space mean more things to buy to fill your home.

We know now the important of the gold coins and you can earn gold coins in a few ways.

Firstly, when you log in everyday, you will be given some gold coins. That is random, sometime you get 50 and some time maybe more. You can visit your friends everyday to earn gold coins and paw scores. During the visitation if you see your friend is sad, cheer him up with a brush. If he is hungry, give him a snack and if you see flies on him, wash him with your soap. By doing the above, you will be rewarded in both gold coins and paw points. Note that you can get reward by gold coins once a day for visitation only but for cleaning, feeding and cheering is unlimited unless their bar is full.

Another way to earn gold coins is to join a race. By winning the race as number 1, you will be rewarded with 30 gold coins and paw point. If you happen to be a runner up, no gold coins but some paw points will be given. You can earned some random coins when you click on banana peels on the race track regardless it is in your path or not. However not all banana peel has coin. You can only race 10 times a day.

If you are feeling lucky, you may go for a bet or two (Not really advisable as the winning rate could be quite low... I know, I tried.).

Just this week, a Playfish cash is introduce in Pet society.

How do you earn it? You don't. You pay for it by currency conversion. Currency from the real world.

So that you can shop at the Cash Shop for cool stuff.

That is optional for the gamers to play the game for free.

Pet society was so popular that it hit One Million fans in facebook. The common complain for the players would be ways to earn more gold coins but if you take this game as recreational then that is still pretty alright. However to keep up with fans expectation, I guess they have to do much more.

Do you play this game?

Playfish Pet society forum


Kit Kat said…
Of coz I play Pet Society! I'm a big fan of Playfish and I was once addicted with Who has the biggest brain and Word Twist. And now I'm addicted with Pet Society :p
Snark said…
Heh, this is pretty cute XD
Henry said…
Hi! Thank you for stopping off at my blog. I enjoy reading yours too. I love Singapore.
Thank you!!
Love Henry
My wife super like Pet Society! I on the other hand would rather play my PS2. Hee! Hee!
LEon said…
So are you planning to buy some playfish cash?

Start joining the fun!!

Thank for dropping by. Hope to see you more often here. :)

My family like pet society too. I hardly play ps2 due to playing wii. LOL
Kit Kat said…
No :) I'm trying not to involve real cash for online games. I have spent quite a number of money for online games when I was in secondary school. :p Anyway, I think Play Fish need to set more objectives in Pet Society. I'm feel bored playing with it already. :(
LEon said…
I do agree they should add more ways of earning gold coins. They should have more sports instead of racing.
Kit Kat said…
They should make it like Pokemon. Then we can use our pet to kill each other.... hahahahahah~!
LEon said…
That is one good suggestion. But not to the extend of killing each other pet but some challenge would be nice. However I don't think the female players would like that. LOL
Kit Kat said…
Girls can be cruel too :P
LEon said…
Everybody is capable to be good or bad. It just a matter of choice. For kids game, better leave suggestive violence out. :)
Abagale said…
I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

LEon said…
Thank you Abagale for your support. :)

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