A piece of Studio Ghibli in Hong Kong

When I was in Hong Kong, I found a lot of Studio Ghibli's plushies. One of the most recent series is PONYO ON THE CLIFF BY THE SEA. For some of you readers who have not heard of Ponyo yet, Disney will be releasing the English version of the movie, PONYO coming August. So watch out for it.
Anyway in Hong Kong, Ponyo toys are all over the place.

Whenever I look at PONYO, it's cute song just kept playing in my head.
"Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo Na No Yo..." :P

Something I learned there was not all the toys I see are original. So shopper need to be extra careful.

I love Studio Ghibli's anime. My favorites are Totoro and Spirited Away. It rather hard to find some official product of it in Singapore and I found and get this guy from Hong Kong.

This is the Susa-ataris. Susa-ataris are little black creatures which live in quiet and dark places. The toy come with a suction that allow you to stick it and hang it on a glass panel. I remember seeing them in Totoro and Spirited Away.

As there are many "replicates" around, it took me sometime to check out if it is original one. So I check the tag that comes with the toys.

Look Original enough right?

What do you think?


marie said…
you mean ... "ponyo ponyo ponyo sakana no ko... aoi umi kara yatte kita... "

hehehe. it's a cute song and a really light hearted film. Vibrant colors too!
Unknown said…
Wah...I never heard abt this Ponyo..???...but its look wonderful cute to me
LEon said…
Thanks for clarification. :) You are ponyo fan?

Yes Ponyo is cute. Wait for Disney release.
Juliana said…
I saw the Ponyo movie and it was entertaining, though more skewed towards a much younger audience! :P

My all-time favourite Studio Ghibli anime is "Princess Mononoke". I never get tired of re-watching it :D
Can bring my daughter to watch Ponyo Ponyo again in cinema. This time in English. Yeah!
LEon said…
Princess Mononoke is good also. :D

Yep. I bet your daughter will love it. :D
Sei.Mn said…
NOO!!! i wanna have that blacky in totoro!! give me and i will change the rating to 5 :P :P ORIGINAL enuff :P
Jcee said…
I didn't know about Ponyo, but I loved Totoro and Spirited Away. Going to check out if I can find Ponyo this weekend.

Love that plush doll too!
LEon said…
No cannot. I went all the way to HK to get this Susa-ataris you know... LOL

Thanks. You and I have a lot in common bro.
Kris and Nadia said…
ya me too never heard of ponyo but i like studio ghibli's cartoon :) especialli howls moving castle :)
LEon said…
Howls moving castle is nice too. :) You will sure like Ponyo. It very childlike.

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