Patapon Plush

I spotted this Pataton Plushies and I went instant PATAPON! I didn't know they did plush for it.

It was about 20 cm tall from Medicom. It has flexible wires arms and legs that allow you to pose him in anyway. But don't expect it to stand on it's own. Original from Japan and it is limited edition.

It look so cute but it is pricey for me! So I stick to the game...for now....Still playing part 1...@_@


I think i saw Doraemon.
this puppet is total strange for me but i like how it looks.
and second that blue cat in de back. who ia that.

LEon said…
Yes there is Doraemon in the picture.

The blue cat is Doraemon. You can read more about Doraemon here. I grew up with him. :D
Sure looks like Bomberman to me! Hee! Hee! Limited edition, must be quite ex?
LEon said…
The game is very 2D but for those who never see the game will think it look like a bomb. Actually the round white circle on their body, that is their eye. In the game they show much emotion thru even with one eye.

From where I saw it, it was EX. therefore I gave it a past.

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