OTT end of May make over

Welcome back to OpentheToy. Yes this is the same blog. I just revamp the layout in case some of you have not notice... :(

As the content of my blog on the side column getting longer, I have decided to switch my blog template to 3 columns. Keeping neatness in mind, I was glad that all turned out quite well. I hope you guys can still read with ease on 3 column template.

I have changed my banner once again. It is my favorite TAMAMA!!! TAMAMA TAMAMA TAMAMA ~ okay better not spam here.

Talking about spamming, I have kept my shoutbox for you guys to chitchat but please do not spam (putting unrelated stuff like link exchange). I personally prefer you guys to comment regarding the posting if that entry interest you. That being said, why the heck do I need a Shoutbox??!! Maybe I find the joy in banning and delete spam post ya? :P I will monitor the situation.

You may notice the page length did not change much after switching to 3 column. Well I have added some advertisements to fill up the page. Since this blog is about Toys and games, it make perfect sense to direct some good offers to my readers. I did made some purchase from them before and since I was in Singapore, the postage was waved. Now and then, I still get some discount voucher from them. Some of their products even have reviews by users and that make it easier for you to consider before any purchases.

Okay that's all for the announcement of the day. Hope to hear some honest input from you guys if you have any. :)


desmond said…
Yup!! a new look of your blog..
LEon said…
Thanks desmond. Hope it look better. suggestion and feedback are welcome. :)
Kit Kat said…
This is nicer than before :) Maybe you can change your background color instead of white :p
LEon said…
Thank you for your suggestion. Perhaps will try some color later. :D
Kit Kat said…
Make a poll and ask other blog readers may be. :)

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