Original Wii Mario Kart

I just got a Nintendo Wii recently and one of the game I enjoyed very much is none other than Mario Kart.

The cover is in Japanese version.

So I am going to "Open the toy" to show you guys.

My family got hooked on this game in arcade and now we can bring this game home to have a good with ...Oops!!

(Whispering) Wall.E!! What are you doing here? You are not suppose to be here, please kindly take your leave...

Hey what are you doing? Don't touch it!

Please put the disc back.

Oh no... not that song and dance again!!

Watch where you are going!!

Quit fooling around Wall.E!

Hey hey! careful with that disc!


Bad Wall.E!

Now put the disc back to the box.

Yes the box... Hey what are you doing?

NO not that box!! What do you mean you know what you are doing?


.... Just get out of my sight...

Well so much about the Wii game...

Anyway it is from a Gashapon aka Capsule toy. Cute looking right?

This series comes in set of 6 which can fit into the earlier capsule Wii console toy. There even have the Wii accessories too.

Like I said, it is original from Nintendo. Here the stickers to prove it.

Disclaimer: No actual Wii game or disc was damage in the making of this blog entry.

Well so much for my Wii....


desmond said…
I thought it is really a WII game dvd and you bought a giant size WALL-E. It's your trick..Anyway, keep it up with all your good work out there..
Snark said…
Oh fuck me, Wall-E is so fucking cute! XD
LEon said…
The gashapon was so detail that I can do this up. Can you imagine how real it look like for such a small size? Hehehe

Thanks. Wall.E can no longer be found on local retail tho. You still have Wall.E over at the retail on your end?
Jcee said…
Wow I love miniature gadgets like these! Do you have the Wii??? Oh man I need to hunt me one of these now haha
LEon said…
Jcee the answer will be revive on thursday. :D
Wow! 1/1 scale WALL-E. Will your dog bully WALL-E? Ha! Ha!
LEon said…
Dennis the Wall.E is not 1/1 but about 3.75 inches. It was the Wii game that is a gashapon (capsule). It was the details of the gashapon wii game disc that causes such illusion. :P

Although I wished to own a life size Wall.E... wait I rather have a life size EVA or R2D2... Nevermind as long as they help me out in my housework I'm fine. LOL
Oh! You got me there. That's a illusion from camera trick. Ha! Ha!

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