My Vintage Playmobil Part 2

Meet the blue boys gang. I often used them as a team as they all are in blue. Very often played as villains. The yellowed headed is the leader of the gang.

Do they look bad to you?

Today I would rather call them the blue boy band for retirement. Can they sing? Let's find out.

How about calling Fantastic Four? :P

I was glad to hear some of you have fond memories of playmobil one of those are Joshua. If you have any vintage playmobil from your childhood, do take a picture of it and blog it by leaving the link in your comment here. The purpose is to share our childhood memories of our playmobil and most importantly, I want to hear it too! XD


Dan said…
When I see Playmobil I think of Dewey on Malcolm in the Middle with his Lego city empire... "live, Live, DIE!"

look for it around 2:35, sorry audio is off.
Chris said…
long time didn;t comment here. Hope u r doing fine..
LEon said…
That's another way to look at it. LOL

Im doing well. Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy the writing here. :D

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