Dragonball Vehicles No.1: The Flying Nimbus Cloud

Are there any cool Vehicles and Transport in Dragonball? Yes there are and we are going through some interest vehicles found in Dragonball.

First on my list is none other than, The Nimbus cloud aka 筋斗云. It was given to Goku by Master Roshi at the earlier days of Dragonball series. It was a reward for returning Master Roshi's turtle to the sea. It was said that only those who are pure at heart can sit on it. So far only Goku, ChiChi and Gohan can sit on the flying nimbus.

In the story, the flying nimbus was destroyed by a Piccolo's henchmen, Tambourine and we learned that korin has lot more of Nimbus where it came from. The original flying nimbus was given to Master Roshi by Korin and somewhere down the line Master Roshi can no longer sit on it (likely because of his unpure interest in woman) and thus gave generously gave it away to Goku.

The flying Nimbus was helpful in the story of Dragonball mostly during that time, Goku still have not learn how to fly yet. It actually saved Goku and even Gohan from some tight situation before. In the anime, the Flying Nimbus is yellow in color but sometime in the manga, it appear to be white.

For the toys, there are a numbers of Flying Nimbus making appearance in Gashapon (capsule toy) along with Goku.

Since the flying Nimbus is made for sitting, Banpresto actually came out with the Flying Nimbus Cloud 12" Plush cushion. Look cute but not so comfortable for me.

I got a Flying Nimbus for my Goku too! It is a custom. :P

This flying nimbus is actually from a series of Ciboys. Somehow it fit my young Goku figure. LOL

I love the Flying Nimbus in my younger days and they were times that I tried calling out loud to it like Goku did. Of course nothing happen apart from getting some stares by some neighbors and my family members. LOL

That's Dragonball tuesday for you. We shall continue next week for the count down. :)


desmond said…
Bro, always enjoy your post..Continue for your good work here :P
LEon said…
Thanks desmond for your encouragement. You are dragonball fan?
RiP666 said…
i want it ^^
LEon said…
i want the real one and not the cushion.
desmond said…
Not really, I am Star Wars fan and initial D fan..
The customised Flying Nimbus you had looks great too!
LEon said…
And mask rider too.

Thanks bro. I got the cloud but not lucky enough to get the goku ciboys. LOL
Kit Kat said…
Nimbus Cloud is not fast enough... I need the speed of Super Saiya 4. lol
LEon said…
KitKat you really a Dragonball fan! Ya Nimbus cloud is useful only before goku learned how to fly. Heck Goku no need to fly now as he learned how to teleport anywhere by sensing where the thing or the person is. LOL
Kit Kat said…
Ya lo... teleport FTW! But need to search for people's ki only can teleport. That's the only weakness. Teleport also Goku in battle, if Goku use teleport, Vegeta will never win him. Not even close. lol
LEon said…
Vegeta always slow in catching up. His pride is his stumbling block.
Unknown said…
I want that cushion!!!!!!!
How much!?

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