Don't just sit down there and play game!

Do the phase "Don't just sit down there and play game!" sound too familiar? Now you can't! Or at least not for me as my family has just got ourselves a Nintendo Wii. Yes, this time is the real deal.
Here is our Nintendo Wii with Mickey and Minnie.

Nintendo Wii is really a revolutionary product that change how we play game. With wireless controller which run on motion detection, it sure bring the fun of gaming to a whole new level. If you think the controller is only wireless and vibration, you are wrong, it also come with a speaker and in some games, it used that function.

The first game we got is Wii Fit. For obvious reason I am gaining weight and this could be a good investment (I hope). Hehehe

Nintendo are smart. They make money not only by selling games but much of it are their accessories. Like Wii Fit, you need the board to play the game. It is an intelligent device which can measure your weight and movement from top down by the measuring of your body weight. If you think you are good in balance, wait till you take the Wii balance test. The truth can scared the hell out of you.

Wii Fit never let you sit down and play the game without breaking any sweat. However the game and leveling give you some goals to keep you going and forget about the tiredness you may feel during the game. It kept your profile of your fitness level and keep encouraging you along the way. Just look at the different type of games.

Your fun will be double if you have a family member to play along with you. We never regret for a moment to get this game and console. It is fun for the whole family. :)


Jcee said…
How'd you like Wii Fit? I haven't played my Wii for a long time, any new games you recommend? Does Wii have any RPG games?
LEon said…
Jcee, my family member enjoyed the Wii Fit very much. My favourite would be the steps dancing and the hula hoops games.

I have no RPG games yet and in my opinion Wii strength is not in RPG as it does not maximize the Wii controller functions. Wii is more for party games for 2 or more players and that's where the fun really are.

Im still looking out for new and interesting games and I will be giving more Wii games intro since now I have a Wii. :)

Do you have a Wii fit? it's fun!
Jcee said…
I don't have the fit, just the Wii alone. But Zelda is an example of a good RPG using the Wii interface. But for those games, if you take a break from it, it's hard to pick it back up and continue because you forget all the storyline.
LEon said…
Thanks. Will keep a look out for Zelda.

You are right. It's normal for any game after we didn't play for quite sometime we will forget how it's being play and storyline. One fine example was my experience with Gods of war in PS2. I was in the dungeons and I stop for quite sometime and when I continue, I'm lost and I have a hard time thinking back to pick up my moves. LOL
Envy you my friend. What an interactive console suitable for everyone in the family. I just saw someone playing Wii bowling when I visited Falcon Hangar yesterday. If I have Wii, I will rush in to play 'Fire Emblem'. Hee! Hee!
LEon said…
Dennis don't envy me. You can afford one if you cut down on "something" for a month or two. ;)
Ha! Ha! Leon, you got me right!

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