Coming soon on Mothers' day

It's just another 2 days away and I was asking some questions regarding the celebration of the mothers day as I was doing the special for this blog(Do drop by on mothers day!).

"Do you think Mothers' day is too commercialize that people only remember to honor their mother on that day only?"

That really started me thinking.

How many times we only look for gift or treat our mothers for a nice meal on "Mothers day" and not any other day? Sometime we even have to think hard to get a gift for our Mom. That really tell how much we know about our mother. If that is the case, it is a right time to put down what we are doing and start communicating with our mummy from our busy schedule.

You may think that your mother don't seems to be in need of anything but I am pretty sure she will welcome our attention, gratitude and some quality time with her.

We can always start listening before it's too late.


Willie said…
Is the toy using battery. The cradle can move? The mother can move? Hmm...
Soo Khim said…
Ey, halo, you read the post or not? It's a post about mother's day, okay? At least respect the post lar.
It's always difficult for me to choose a gift for my mum. She's always tells me she like money the best! Hong Bao for her would be the closest.

I intend to celebrate Mother's day at home together with my mum & mother-in-law.
LEon said…
That a common answer from most of our parents. Ang bao. LOL

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