BBTS Exclusive Accessory Set 06 (Transformers Animated)

For transformers Animated fans. Complete your collection with BBTS-exclusive accessory pack! Here's what is included in the BBTS Exclusive pack!

Transformers Animated Key which Sari Sumdac always carry. Use to heal and give life to any devices with the All-spark energy.

2x Stasis Cuffs
You see these very often in the animation. Used mainly by the autobot elite guards to bind the decepticons but there are cases where it was used the other way round.

Make your Animated Ratchet Animated-accurate with 2x Magnet Upgrades which appear very much in the animation. A basic weapon of his beside his EMF gun.

1x Transformers Animated All-Spark with Crystal Orb, handles, outer casing and core.

if you are a sticker lover, 2x sticker sheets linked to free online instructions

You can get it here!


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