You can Vote now!

Now dear readers, you can Vote now!

I really appreciate and love the live discussion on my comments. However I do notice there are many silent readers on my blog too. So for the silent readers, I have added a rating system thanks to JS-kit on each on my post.

I sincerely wish to know how you guys feel about the articles here. So feel free and be honest about rating on each entry. There is no right and wrong answers and your vote will be anonymous unless you identity yourself. You are most welcome to leave your comment about the post too cause I want to talk to you. :D

By the way if you are interested to know what is the Obama toy above, it is from John K. and it is a Limited Edition 9 Inch Political Toy of Barack Obama. There are 2 others in that series: Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

The freedom of political personality of America made into toy always seems to amaze me.

If you are a blogger (which I know a number of you are) and wish to know how to add this rating system on Blogger/blogspot, you can read about it on my other blog. Sharing is caring. oh! It would be nice to credit me on my other blog if you find that useful. :)


Jcee said…
Cool rating system! Nice toy too! Is the background included too?
LEon said…
Thank Jcee. I don't think the background come with the Toy.
Snark said…
OH SHIT I WANT ALL THREE! I want them so very much!!

Also, does this mean Hillary and McCain are also limited editions too?
LEon said…
Yes Snark. My understanding was all 3 are limited edition. Amazon has it. you may want to check it out.
C.Alv.B said…!! good for collection you know. If can, I also want it!! how good if Malaysia can do the same..I mean all things related to political..hahahhaha..who dare?

But my rating is

1) Toy..very good
2) Background..just ok
LEon said…
Thanks Alv. Not that I can say so for SG scene too but then again is a supply and demand thing for market products.

How I wish the Obama toy is mine but sadly it is not. :)
RiP666 said…
hmm...I dunno how to say it but both of toy and background is well
for now on i gonna comment you're blog more. Politics and commics are in a strange way always good. also i love figurs like that

LEon said…
The Toy marketing department did a good job on that. :)

@Dutch Purple Rabbit
THanks! Hope to read more from you. :)

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