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I normally do not do tags but I'm doing it this time for a great fellow toy collector with a wonderful graphic and photography of Startrek and toys, Chunky on Eclectorama

The Rules:

1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog.
3) Write six random things about yourself.
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6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Since this is a toy blog, it hasn't really been appropriate to share much information about myself until now. So, here it is. 6 random things about me.


I enjoy eating Sushi but not all types. My favorites are Sashimi, Tempura, Tamago Sushi and anything that has Salmon. Wasabi is a must! When I am really hungry, I will go for a Bento set. I couldn't stand the taste of Unagi so any that has Unagi is out!


I'm playing Patapon on my PSP now and I'm loving it! I'm just started to play part 1 in my 4 year old PSP 1000 aka PSP FAT. LOL

If you have read my profile, you will know that I have some dogs in my life. Oreo (4) and Boy (going 11). One motivated by food another motivated by playing ball.

I'm learning cooking from Cooking Mama soon

This is something I am planning to do in the next few months. Got to find budget for that. Yes learning cooking... on a Wii! LOL I have never play the game but apparently my wife like it. So I am planning to get Wii soon. Any good offers?

I play the Guitar

Not in the Guitar Hero game but I do play guitar in real life.

I started to learn guitar at the age of 17. Most of it was self-taught with song books. I performed before but nothing really worth mentioning (which is another way of saying "Never make it BIG"). I always get a kick from playing songs from Beyond a Cantonese/Mandarin band in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Sometimes I will play Guns N' Roses "Don't cry" too!

A HongKong Noob

If everything goes well, my family and I will be heading down Hong kong in a week or so. Will be visiting some friends, have Dim Sum, visiting Disneyland, Shopping (Toys of course) and hopefully trace my heritage there. It will be our first visit. Any toy shop to recommend?

Now here the "lucky" 6 I tagged randomly(How I wish I can tag more of you...).

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Hope to know them more. Continue the ball rolling but don't pass it back to me!


Mario! said…
I love unagi! Do you like tako?
LEon said…
Anything sushi but not unagi I will like. Hehehe Can't stand the smell and taste of Unagi. :)
KazeTora said…
Yo, I'm also a dog fans, I got mine too, I'll post it in my roll...

U play guitar as well, huh? We should start a band or sumthin', hahaha... Toy Band.
chunky B said…

You're a great sport, tags do seem like a hassle and I try not to do them, this one seemed fun.

Hong Kong, I love that town, if I had a job that relocated me there I would take it. I do know of a couple toy shops, I'll look them up and try to send you the addresses. The Toys R Us is awesome there, you'll have a blast, and the food is great!
LEon said…
Looking forward to that. First we have a Meal together and toy hunting first. LOL

@chunky B
Thanks for your tips! Will wait for your toy shop addresses. :)
Jcee said…
Lucky you are going to HK soon! Be sure to buy a lot of toys okay? Even check out their ToysRus, they have a much more wider selection than anywhere else!

Btw where is the picture taken with your dogs? Looks like a very nice place to play!
LEon said…
Thank Jcee for the recommendation. I been to taiwan ToyRus and I have to say some figure were never found in SG. So will definitely look out HK ToyRus. Now I just have to find out the location of ToyRus.

The photo of my dogs were taken at East coast of SG. The weather that day was good for photography and I was lucky to take some good shots. It's quite a fun place if the weather is good. :)
Jcee said…
Entry up!

Another thing I really love is the sea! So relaxing and beautiful. I see that beach has nice soft fine sand. In my area, there is very little areas with nice fine sand like that. I sure miss those beach time when I was in HK.
Hi Leon, it's a nice game to know more about other bloggers. Now I know you have dogs. You seems to have big plans on your HK trip. So excited to hear that. I have started on your game. Hee! Hee!

LEon said…
Thanks Jcee for the info. You should go Redang in West malaysia. Those are dream type bleaches.

You are welcome. I just carry on the game as it look interesting to know fellow toy collectors.

Can't consider Big plan for HK trip but more like a Must-do in my checklist. Added visit ToyRus in HK now if time permits. :)
[SK] said…
tracing your heritage in HK?? that is interesting, you have something that is "sourced" from there?? :p
LEon said…
Something to do with my grand parent generation. :)
Snark said…
Have you tried some of the less common fish for sushi? Like say bonito? Those are pretty pimp.

Also, raw meat based sushi (such as chicken, beef and horse) can be amazing if you find a good restaurant.
LEon said…
Snark, unlike Japan, where I stay have limited fishes on certain pricing. I have yet to spend more for some less common fishes sushi.

I don't mind raw meat based sushi like beef but chicken and horse (I have never eaten horse meat before) I dare not try nor any restaurant I know actually sell that.

It must be pretty exciting from where you are. I'm sure many here are open for your recommend dinning place. So please share. :D
Juliana said…
My entry is up, and my random things are still somewhat related to toys. It shows that I have no other distinct 'life' :P

LEon said…
Thanks Juliana! You life still sound pretty "normal" to us. :)
Joshua said…
appreciate the TAG BRO!!! WILL post up my facts soon!!!

but my name spelt wrong!!!! =(
Whew...I am done...LOL
LEon said…
sorry about that. Correction done. hope to see 6 things more about you.

Thanks! reading now. Hehehe
RiP666 said…
I hopes to watch you play your guitar sometimes ^^
LEon said…
thx Rip. but i not daring to upload my guitar playing on youtube. :P

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