More Accessories for Grimlock Masterpiece from i-gear

Masterpiece Grimlock has been a hot figure among many Transformers fans. Regardless of the higher price tag than most masterpieces except for MP-04, fans just paid for it.
You can read the reviews of masterpiece Grimlock for what is worth for the fans on A year of toy and testicular-fortitude.

If the accessories are still not enough for you masterpiece Grimlock owner and lovers, i-gear is coming up addition 3 more to hopefully feed your massive Dino hunger in the month of June.

A Crown because Grimlock King!, A Mug because Grimlock need to drink and finally a Sneeker plane (something for Grimlock dino mode to bite because Grimlock need to feed!). PS: No real picture of the sneeker plane yet.

You can read more at igear for updates.



i love this. I use to make stuff for my barbies that where not on the market. sometimes i still remoddel a barby ore ohter like doll. It's so funny and the end result are nice.

LEon said…
nynke, you should have taken some picture and share it with us! :D
Good to hear that. At least they don't make it limited edition special exclusive!
LEon said…
That I'm not sure.

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