Kamen Rider Week

It is a beginning of a new week and I am proud to present to you the Kamen Rider Week!

One whole week of Kamen Rider content.

Kamen Rider aka Masked Rider are no stranger to anyone. The question is which Kamen rider you are familiar with. Having 3 decades of history, they indeed made a mark in a our generations. Even today, new Kamen rider are introduce and well received. On the side note, my favorite is Rider X while KazeTora is SkyRider both shown in the photo above.

Like Kamen Rider who never fought alone, this week I asked for the help of KazeTora owner of Psychomanipulator/ who watched more Kamen Rider series than me to help out in the history of Kamen Rider.

You can also join us to inform us by this week if you have any Kamen rider toys review or related articles. You can do so at our comment and we will hot link that on our last entry end of the week or along the way.

So join us to fight against the Shockers!

By the way who is your favorite Kamen Rider?


Jcee said…
Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! Looking forward to some Kamen Rider coverage!

My favourite is *I think* Kamen Rider V2, it's the one that has the silver helmet, maybe KazeTora can confirm which one he is.

I watched Kamen Rider, or actually I think it was referred to Masked Rider when I watched it (if direct translate from its Chinese name). Stopped after coming to Canada since all we got were Power Rangers. Got back into KR recently with the Decade series. I am surprised that KR have been on for so long! After watching Decade, I want to watch other series too! Like Kiva and Ryuki! I also want to collect the figures, but I cannot afford them because I would want all of them in Decade.
LEon said…
You can always start small in collection Jcee. I got only a few of it. those I can afford and really want. :)
desmond said…
Masked Rider 1, 2 and V3 in movie version are my favourites. Currently, DEN-O in Sword Form is my latest favourite.
I'm not a fan of Kamen Rider fan, but the costume and moves (flying kick) I saw in the series are very cool!
RiP666 said…
wooow...i like this very much,,but I watched it from kuuga until the new rider, Decade.....I didn't watched the classic rider such as 10 riders T-T...

my favorite rider is kamen rider kabuto.

but still, my rider collection is not much
KazeTora said…
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KazeTora said…
I see someone type my name, hehehe... Okay, the clue about the silver helmet round up these guys: Kamen Rider X (which is on the post), Kamen Rider Super-1, and of course our friend Shadowmoon. Take your pick, Jcee.

And starting now:

Fact of The Post:
Shin Kamen Rider is one of the rider that doesn't wear a mask/kamen, he simply mutated into a GrasshopperMan. In his mutated state, he also doesn't ride a bike, so he's not a rider as well. Well, the other rider that doesn't wear a mask is most of the riders from Kamen Rider Hibiki.

LEon said…
I have yet to see DEN-O yet.

@Dennis aka Katsuden
That costume and flying kick is the signature looks of old kamen riders. :)

We just need to buy what we like. :)

that's a good trivia!

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