In April on OpenTheToy...

What's install for April on OpentheToy? Done up a picture for a Sneak preview.

Oh no... am I giving too much away?


Snark said…
Heheh, I spot Tamama of Keroro Gunso fame >=D
KazeTora said…
I spot giant venom, DCD, Ichigo and Niigo, Donatello, and one of the fighter from Star Wars. Oh, and Dragon Balls, of course... :D Am I giving too much now?
Looking forward for more toys review from you bro!
RiP666 said…
well I spot venom, DB, ichigo n nigo, also chiby I look forward to it too
Jcee said…
Let's see...Spectacular Spiderman Venom, Tamama, DB, Star Wars, mini Decade, some kamen riders and that thing on the side that I don't know what it is...
Bubbashelby said…
Looks like fun times ahead!
LEon said…
Now I know there is another Tamama fan. :D

Yes you are!! >_<

Thanks for your support bro!

Thank you! Preparing for some field trip for HK too.

You have quite a sharp eye too.

Fun is when I'm playing with my toy. :)

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