22 April 2009

He-man & Battlecat 3D Model

From the maker of Prefect Gokun comes an latest updates.

Tengchia did a 3D He-man and Battlecat Diorama for a "80's Cartoons" Hardcore Modeling Challenge. I sure hope he win with his entry. All the best Tengchia!

Click here for more details and picture of his He-man!

How I wish that was a Toy. Do you agree?
Mattel are you listening?


Juliana said...

Wow, cool! Battle Cat comes with whiskers too! :)

I've got the 80's original He-Man and Battle Cat, with complete accessories :D

LEon said...

Yes Tengchia really put his heart and soul on it.

Good to hear that you still have your old toys. I never had a battle cat.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Awesome! By the power of the universe, you will win Tengchia!

Juliana said...

Hi LEon,

My He-Man and Battle Cat were not my childhood toys, I got them mint from Clarke Quay flea market many years ago :P

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