A snapshot on my recent shopping trip

In my shopping trip in February. This was said to be HOT (Uniquely in Singapore)and selling at the following prices.

Just over a month later, you get this.

How's that for you? If you are a fan, go get it now! Or should you wait for more discount? Hm...


cosmicbaby said…
Did u buy it?
Bubbashelby said…
It looks like supplies are limited - better hurry!

LEon said…
Nope. If I buy one, my dog will be chasing it everytime I play with it.

The shop front do look that way. LOL You want one? ;)
KazeTora said…
Hmm... let's see, normally they don't know the way around, they talk as if we're dumb-ass foreigner, drives like a mad man and careless (taking calls, not looking at front when there's something interesting going on, speeding and overtaking without sign light), and most of 'em talk a very good engrish... not.

So.. should I buy or should I not? Let me call 'em first, provided someone picked up the phone.
LEon said…
That was hilarious! I'm missing your blogging entry bro! Hope to hear from you soon!
RiP666 said…
wow... I think i'll pass,

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