Quiz: PhotoHunt #2

Here is a PhotoHunt for this week's quiz. Can you find the 5 differences? Click on picture below to enlarge.

It should be quite easy. Want an obvious hint? It is all on the body of General Zhao Yun (Of course! Where else can it be?).

The answer will be given this coming weekend. In the meantime, please submit your comments if any. :)


Jcee said…
Took a few minutes, one of them was pretty tricky haha. Nice one!
RiP666 said…

hmmm....i just found some which is
1. the mouth line
2. the with at left shoulder
3. the silver pattern at right foot
4. the red (?) at the right elbow

i think that's all... i don't know the rest ^^
desmond said…
The triangle-shaped plate above both eyes..
LEon said…
Wow! You are the 1st commentator!

That's something! How long does that take you?

Hey desmond! great to see you participating. :D
Anonymous said…
The Mouth missing one line

The Foot (right) had a pattern missing

The shoulder plate (left) had a little white endings missing

Thats all I an find.
LEon said…
Thx Anonymous! Sorry I wish I can get your name to address you by. :)
J@n!ce said…
I spot all 5 of them !! :):)
LEon said…
Good for you Janice! Check back tomorrow for the answer. ;)
Juliana said…
Gosh it took me a while without looking at other comments:

1) the top of his helmet
2) his mouth
3) his left arm armour
4) his right boot
5) his right elbow

LEon said…
Congratz. You have an eye for detail. How long does that take you?
Juliana said…
1-2 min I think...it was good challenging quiz cos of the small tiny details to look out for. Keep them coming! :)
LEon said…
Thanks Juliana for your feedback and encouragement. :)

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