Quiz: PhotoHunt #2 Answer

Here is the answer. Did you get all 5?

In the last Photohunt quiz, some said it is too easy while other said it is too hard. So, do feedback through my comment section for this entry so that I can improve in future.

Please give your rating from 1 (Too Easy) to 5 (Very difficult as to almost impossible) for this photo hunt.

Thank you for your feedback. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do. :)


I rating 2/5 in terms of diffculty.
Juliana said…
My rating is 3/5, if there is no time limit :) If under 1 min time limit, then it's 4/5 :P
RiP666 said…
well...mine is 4/5 , i missed one at the horn hehe
LEon said…
Thanks for your feedback

Only time limit is when the answer released in the weekend. :P You can get 4/5 one min is something!

Thanks for your feedback. Seems easy so far from the comment I receive.

keep it coming guys!

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